MI KIDZ is the Best Playschool in Salem


Welcome to the MI KIDZ at Salem. A school founded to impart quality and effective education in an environment with opportunities, technical aids with Interactive Board, Internet linkage and a Touch traditional teaching.We are looking for partners who are entrepreneurial, passionate about education and committed to quality. Contact us for details about our Franchisee program.

MI KIDZ provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for children. Our Quality Educational Programs for Play school, Preschool  comprise of highly qualified, caring and committed teachers and support staff. We are passionate about providing your children with the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives.MI KIDZ is a progressive primary school that believes children should experience learning. Our three pillars of Knowledge, Creativity, and Leadership guide our every action.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of MI KIDZ is to build and nurture a better way to learn. A way that brings out the best in a child, without causing undue pressure or pain.

Other Activities

Thirukkural Recitation, Geetha Chanting, Drawing & Coloring, Craft, Abacus, Elocution, Word Building, Spell Bee, Essay Writing, Just a Minute, Quiz, Singing, Dance and Keyboard.

Class Activities

Subject based activities as per the syllabus. Includes preparing charts, using the Interactive Board, making models, drawing maps, pasting pictures in activity note and includes outdoor activities too.

MI KIDZ Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget’s theory of Ages and Stages of Development.It focuses on the idea that children learn best through active.

Lab Functioning

The modern techniques include access to the various labs, experiments, projects, visits and net access.The usage is of the interactive board, a means in which we can visualize, animate and teach the topic of study.

Our Environment

We create a safe, joyful, nurturing and positively challenging environment where your children can develop and grow to reach their full potential at their optimum pace and have plenty of fun along the way.









The way our daughter has learnt, the kind of fun activities she takes part in and the non-stressful way of getting her introduced to reading and rhyming are all hallmarks of MI KIDZ and we are thankful for it.



MI KIDZ focuses on each of its students individually and provides parents a hands-on idea of what goes on inside classrooms. I used to wonder what difference a ‘curriculum’ actually makes for a pre..



I did homeschooling for my child and I directly took admissions for 1 st grade .after doing a lot of Research , we came to the conclusion that MI KIDZ is the best school around this area and we r very happy with the decision .
Ruba Krishnan

Ruba Krishnan


Fairlands Campus:

No: 7, Murugan Koil Street, Fair Lands, Salem - 636016, Near Fairlands Murugan Temple (Map)

Junction Campus:

No: 5, Near Mariyapan Nursing Home, 1st Gate, Subramaniya Nagar, Salem - 636005.